February Favorites

Alright everybody we’re gonna start this out real simple. If you exist online in any capacity you’ve more than likely come across this format before; look at me participate in capitalism and let me tell of the items I have exchanged capital for that I enjoy most from the past arbitrary 30-odd day cycle.

So as February is a month of love I thought I’d kind of sort of pick items that fit into that theme, because if you know me you know I am addicted to shopping and am spoiled rotten so actively participate in capitalism regularly and without real thought so, here we go; February Favourites;


  1. Maybelline Great Lash Mascara; Alright so this being a great mascara is super old news… they basically invented the stuff. This was the first mascara I had ever used, it was cheap, and everyone I knew used it. When you think MASCARA you probably thing of this iconic pink and green tube. Well I haven’t been using it for nearly 5 years, I can’t entirely remember the specifics of why I stopped using it, I think it may really have just been I was in a position where I could buy pricier products and didn’t have to limit myself to drug store brands. I finished off a tube, replaced it with a higher end version and then basically forgot about it. A few weeks ago I thought about how iconic it was and was feeling nostalgic so bought it again… and you know what I really CAN’T remember why I gave up on it. I will admit it is VERY subtle, but for the days I try(and FAIL) to create a no-makeup makeup look it’s great.
  2. LUSH Rose Lollipop Lip Balm; now I’ve given up LUSH cosmetics after yet another ill informed colonial racist anti-seal hunt stunt *, but I’m including this lip balm regardless. It smells nice and it’s ROSE scented so it goes with our love theme. I will not be repurchasing it though because as I mentioned I have sworn off LUSH forever. Stayed tuned for my recipe for an ULTRABLAND style oil based cleanser.
  3. fARSÁLI Rose Gold Serum; now again if you spend anytime on the internet you’ve probably heard about this shit right here. It’s all over instagram and beauty bloggers are OBSESSED WITH IT and I kind of see why. It smells amazing, it has FUCKING GOLD in it, and even though I’ve just started using it(mixing with my foundation) I am already kind of in love.
  4.  Jeffree Star Liquid Lipstick in Pussy Whipped; I bought this on a whim and it’s so pretty. I have tried to wear it a dozen times and only succeeded once when I wore it OVER a matte brown lipstick, so this  just speaks to how little thought I put into things before I buy them… it was sparkly and gold and I am a fucking makeup obsessed magpie.
  5. Turkish Sweets; these are stocked at my local turkish food market and they’re delicious. Sort of a fancier version of Turkish Delight. They stock a handful of flavours but my favourite are the Rose and the Cardamum.

*If you want some FACTUAL information on the seal hunt try this.


Alright so that’s it I guess. First blog post is up, and honestly it’ll probably come down once I upload more content and properly get the hang of this writing shit. So yeah…

Author: Gwendolyn Faker

There is no spot of ground, however arid, bare or ugly, that cannot be tamed into such a state as may give an impression of beauty and delight. -Gertrude Jekyll (29/11/1843 – 8/12/1932)

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