Seoul far Seoul good!

Three days in and we decided we should spend our last two days visiting historical landmarks and proper tourist destinations;

We started with Gyeongbokgung Palace, and lucked out that it was open to the public for free on the day we visited! Sadly the Gyeonghoeru (Royal Banquet Hall) and Hyangwonjeong Pavilion were closed to the public. Despite the two sections of the Palace I was most excited to visit being closed it was still worth the trip.


Visiting was like passing through a gate into another time and a very surreal experience on half of the castles backdrop is the towering city of Seoul, the other wild mountainside making it easy to imagine yourself visiting in the 1300’s during the Joseon dynasty.

The grounds are huge, with gardens winding between nearly a dozen buildings, each ornately decorated and with a unique purpose; King’s quarters, Queens quarters, Banquet Hall, Throne Hall, Quarters of the King’s mother, and on and on.


As the day was starting to heat up we decided to find somewhere with air conditioning to revive ourselves and take a break. Luckily we stumbled completely by accident onto the Ilmin Museum of Art which was hosting do it 2017:

do it 2017, Seoul is the 2017 Seoul version of the exhibition platform do it, which was developed from an idea that came out in a discussion between curator Hans Ulrich Obrist, and artists Christian Boltanski, and Bertrand Lavier at a café in Paris in 1993, regarding the questions such as “what would happen if there was an exhibition that wouldn’t ever stop,” and “how an exhibition become more flexible and open ended.” Based on instructions, manuals and game protocols written by artists, this exhibition platform enables artworks to been acted in unique ways in each version of its realization. In this sense, do it explores the possibility of artworks being presented as a ‘score’ ora ‘scenario’. Since 1993, the instructions which form the fundamentals of the exhibition have been accumulated by approximately four hundred artists including philosophers, film directors, and musicians, and have been actualized not only in art museums around the world, but also in outdoor public spaces, home, and through TV channels and online platforms, thus expanding and proliferating to this date. do it, the ever-lasting exhibition that incessantly produces newness and distinctiveness based on local specificity, has been recorded as the longest-running exhibition that has been presented in the largest number of places in history.


One of the books I brought with me, that I’ve been reading to prepare to write an application to an MA in Curation was Obrist’s ‘A Brief History of Curating’ which I’ve been thoroughly enjoying, so to just happen upon one of his exhibitions was great.


Being that it was our last day in the big city I did do a little proper shopping for myself. I picked up a Pokémon cushion compact from HOLIKA HOLIKA, and two highlighters one cream stick, and one RAINBOW HIGHLIGHTER compact because I genuinely couldn’t help myself. I’ve worn it once. I really love the cushion compact, it’s adorable and it has SPF 50! Great thing about Korean makeup is the great majority of it contains an SPF of one degree or another.

Our final day was pretty relaxed, we met with my friends again and visited the Poop Museum and Poop Cafe, the N Seoul Tower, and finished our final night in the city with Bulgogi!





Author: Gwendolyn Faker

There is no spot of ground, however arid, bare or ugly, that cannot be tamed into such a state as may give an impression of beauty and delight. -Gertrude Jekyll (29/11/1843 – 8/12/1932)

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