Can’t sleep?

I’ve been seriously struggling to sleep for a couple weeks now. I’ve been letting my anxiety get the better of me! Stressing about things I can’t do anything about and ignoring the things I can change, taking on more than I can handle to distract myself and then not getting anything done because I feel too overwhelmed even to begin.

… ok wow that felt good. Getting back into blogging has been on the list for a few months, I just kept telling myself I didn’t know where to start or that I didn’t have anything to post about. But surprise, I’ve been lying to myself because I’ve been creating content for the past  few months and just not properly blogging about it.

So this post got derailed but you know what that’s fine. I haven’t been sleeping because I’ve been super anxious. I’ve been feeling lost and out of my depth and honestly feeling pretty shitty and worthless and like a total failure… and that shit WILL KEEP YOU UP AT NIGHT!

To be fair I’ve ALWAYS struggled sleeping. I remember even as a small child having sleepless nights, lying in bed for ages and ages and not being able to fall asleep. Some thing I guess you just don’t grow out of.

I’ve started working out to try and help. I’ve changed my eating habits, no caffeine after noon and less sugar. I’ve started taking CBD and invested in some gorgeous essential oils. Normally these bits work, but recently they’re just not cutting it.



Author: Gwendolyn Faker

There is no spot of ground, however arid, bare or ugly, that cannot be tamed into such a state as may give an impression of beauty and delight. -Gertrude Jekyll (29/11/1843 – 8/12/1932)

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