Palm Vaults

So I finally made it down to Palm Vaults, the cafe built for Instagram and it was as mediocre as I expected it to be. I can’t say it wasn’t beautiful: it is basically my dream aesthetic with its large mirrors, dusty pink velvet, leafy plants dangling over head and exposed brick…but beauty isn’t enough.  […]

Louis and Jeff

It’s a perfect match you see, they’re both obvious, hyped, oversaturated/over-satire-ated images that honestly have become a bit tacky… but that doesn’t stop me from wanting everything in this #collab. I hate myself for how much I love these bags. Might have to ask for one of these for my Birthday… or maybe Christmas. I can’t […]

Thrift Ship Queen

I have been blessed with a sort of thrift shop magic, I find such wonderful treasures! 9.99£ each for a pair of Burberry Capri pants, American Apparel Jeans, and a Vivien of Holloway(same people who made my wedding dress) all perfect fits!  Undecided about keeping the dress or the Burberry capris. I may list them […]