So if you know me you know I love a bargain! What better place for a bargain than POUNDLAND!

When I first moved to London and was broke all the time I got a LOT of what I needed from my local POUNDLAND; groceries, homewares, cleaning supplies, they had nearly everything I needed… and occasionally things I didn’t but could justify splashing out on because well it’s POUNDLAND!

If you go frequently you can score some amazing finds for cheap. I tend to go looking for brand name makeup and American snackfoods I can’t generally find in the UK.

Last week I visited the two locations in Camden, they’re only a few blocks apart so it’s well worth visiting them both in a single trip.

This time the pay off was MASSIVE! I spent 10£ and got TEN BRAND NAMES MAKEUP ITEMS!



  • 2x Revlon Eyeliners in 06 Aubergine and 07 Aquamarine (RRP £7.99)
  • 2x N.Y.C ‘Showtime Velvet’ Eyeliners in 952 Black Wine and 953 Black Brown (RRP £1.99)
  • 3x TIGI Lipsticks in Happiness, Splendour, and Beauty (RRP £7.99)
  • 1x Rimmel ‘Stay Blushed’ Liquid Cheek Tint in 003 Peach Flush (RRP £3)
  • 1x Rimmel ‘Royal Blush’ Cream Blush in 002 Majestic Pink (RRP £3)
  • 1x Rimmel ‘Good to Glow’ Highlighter in 001 Notting Hill Glow (RRP £3)

So I’m obsessed with the lipsticks. Their absolutely stunning on their own as a glittery semi-sheer lip tint or on top of another colour to give a shimmery 90s vibe.

The blushers are really nice. They’re super smooth and creamy. I’d never used cream blusher before so this was a great chance to give it a try without spending much money!

The eyeliners are super glam and creamy, I have a soft spot for NYC makeup because it was what I could afford and wore as a teenager.

The Highlighter is actually amazing. I struggled to find a highlight the RIGHT colour. I’m really pale, and most highlighters are either too pink or too gold, a friend recently let me in on a pale girl secret; BLUE TONES. It changed my life tbh. I’ve been mixing a blue cream eyeshadow one of my too pink highlighters to achieve the desired effect… but now I have the perfect shade pre-mixed!

This isn’t the first time I’ve scored great finds, in the past I’ve found makeup from Models Own, Calvin Klein, Sally Hansen, and more! I really cant recommend POUNDLAND enough. Sometimes, to be honest, you won’t find a single thing, and other times you’ll leave with arms loaded with treasures! For me it’s all about the thrill of the hunt and fining a real bargain!

LEFT: lipsticks TOP RIGHT: liners BOTTOM RIGHT: blusher



I’ve got into Korean Beauty products just over a year ago. It started innocently enough with a few Elizavecca products. I got their Gold CF-Nest White Bomb Eye CreamMilky Piggy Aqua Rising Steam Filler Moisture Cream, and Hell Pore Clean Up AHA Fruit Toner.

I didn’t like the toner at all, it left my face feeling filmy and smelled too strongly. Both creams though I did really like. When I finished the moisturiser the only reason I didn’t repurchase it was summer was coming it and while my skin loved the heavy formula in winter I wanted something lighter for spring and summer.

Since then I’ve jumped head first into Korean beauty products! Cleansers, masks, sprays, creams, and make up.

Novelty for me plays a big role in what I chose to buy. Don’t get me wrong a product has to work well for me to use it, but why can’t it be FUN to use and FUN to LOOK AT?!

Now these products are Korean, so they’re from KOREA. I got about a third of these products this summer while I was travelling in Korea and Japan, so I should not they’re not the easiest things to find… unless you know where to look. Tkmaxx; they don’t consistently stock any specific brands or products so between regularly checking their website and visiting a handful of brick and mortar shops I’ve bought(and been gifted) about a third of what’s shown here(not shown half dozen sheet masks over the past year).

Let’s start where I did…

Cleansers and Creams

The Skin Food Black Sugar Scrub is a little drying but I still really like it. The Mefactory Cement peel off mask is the best peeling mask I’ve ever used(much better than the other peeling mask shown here) and that Baking Powder face wash is my daily jams and the Gold CF Nest Collagen mask gave me an allergic reaction(I thought the ‘gold’ part was figurative not literal).



Now I can’t say I love or use all of these products regularly… that rainbow highlighter isn’t exactly wearable. The Panda’s Dream mascara is my new favorite mascara, I love the Pocket Bunny Sleek Mist, and the Etude House Darling Lip Tint all get used pretty regularly. The Models Own products I just picked up a couple days ago; loving the blusher but I’m just not convinced by the matte lip stain.


Not shown are the masks I’ve used; Tony Moly masks from the I’m Real and Pokemon Collections, Holika Holika – Pig Clear Black Head 3-Step Kit.

All in all I’m pretty smitten with what South Korea has on offer when it comes to beauty. There are still loads of products on my wishlist like Holika Holika – Lazy & Joy Cupcake Eye Shadow (Gudetama Edition), Creer Beaute – Sailor Moon Miracle Romance Spiral Heart Moon Rod Liquid Eyeliner. I will steadily be adding to my K-llection and will keep you posted as it grows.

When you don’t want to leave the house but you have to leave the house; a look.

MCM Comicon, London October 2017

If you asked me ‘What is your favorite thing about MCM?’ I would have to simply answer the JOY of it. I don’t even mean the joy I feel first hand, it’s the second hand joy. You can see it on people faces, you can feel it in the air, and see it in the detail of every cosplay.

The cosplayers are what draws me every single time, I go to people watch. What I notice at MCM, the reason I truly love this con, is the diversity of the people who attend(and cosplay). There are cosplayers of every size and shape, every colour(and not just painted that way), and of every age and ability.

The venue is accessible, or appears to be so from the surface(as an able bodied person I may well have missed issues), and I have seen many attendees with varying mobility in attendance.

I think this joy comes from a feeling of safety and inclusion that is so rare for so many of us. For whatever reason we feel outcast, MCM is one of those rare and wonderful places where everyone can feel like they belong. I have never had many friends, and at MCM I feel like you’re surrounded by a thousand friends, people just like me. I usually get very anxious is crowds, but this is a strange exception to that rule.


While my experiences at MCM events haven’t been without issue they’ve been mostly positive. It’s been called ‘the most girl friendly con’ by Rose Water Magazine and I’m going to have to agree. I only ran into an issue when it came to other members of the press, all men. Last time I attended MCM I cosplayed as CABARET-TLEJUICE and was stopped several times by male members of the press and questioned about my credentials, and several times heard ‘…but are you REALLY working?’ to which I responded ‘I’ve already done more work than you, you didn’t even bother to cosplay!’.

Aside from a few sexist remarks from other members of the press, and that time Hello Kitty pitched a teepee, I’ve had nothing but good times at MCM.

I had planned this weekend to bounce between two cosplays; one ‘slutty’ on not and gauge the difference in how I was treated. My costumes were ‘Millennial Daria Morgandorffer’, and a gender-bent Jack Skellington I was calling ‘Jack-O-Leen the Skeleton Queen’, sadly I came down with a cold this week and was only able to attend on Friday in my Daria cosplay, so my social experiment didn’t happen… I’ll be saving it for the NEXT con and will be sure to blog all about it.



My favourite Mascara


Mascara has always been a pain for me. Since I started wearing it in middle school it has confounded me.

I’ve been searching for a product that goes on smooth and clean, builds length and body, holds a curl, doesn’t dry out and flake, and one that doesn’t transfer to under my lower lash line creating a shadow that makes my eyes look tired and puffy.

My top five favourites, compiled over many trials and tribulations and a few allergic reactions, are as follows;

  1. Tony Moly, Panda’s Dream
  2. Too Faced, Better than Sex
  3. Benefit, They’re Real
  4. Maybelline, Great Lash
  5. Coloured Mascaras

So let’s break them down;

Tony Moly, Panda’s Dream 4/5

I am becoming obsessed with Korean Beauty brands and the fun products they create! I picked up a hand full of Tony Moly, Etude House, and Skinfood products while in Korea and Japan over the summer. This mascara is my holy grail. It performs nearly as well as the Two Faced mascara which I ranked second. While it doesn’t create lashes as FULL as the Too Faced Mascara it squeezed into first. Unlike ‘Better Than Sex’ it doesn’t transfer onto my lower lid like literally ever other mascara I have ever tried ever. That and how unbelievable kawaii the packaging is it puts Tony Moly Panda’s Dream Mascara into my #1 Mascara spot.

I use this product almost daily.

Too Faced, Better Than Sex 4/5

I love this mascara, but I’m not in love with it. It goes on beautifully, clean, smooth and full. Thanks to the special brush shape I can create a beautiful fan of lashes that look long and thick and is totally buildable. But it let’s me down just like all the others; it transfers to my lower lid.

I use this products almost daily.

Benefit, They’re Real 2.5/5

Creates long lashes, such long lashes. However there isn’t enough volume or thickness created for me. This may have to do with the silicone spiked spoolie, it gives you great control and definition when applying the product allowing you to create long defined lashes, this just isn’t my preferred lash look. I end up with long sparse lashes, depending on the look I’m going for can work.

I use this one once or twice a month just to mix it up a bit.

Maybelline, 2.5/5

I had to include this iconic mascara, it was the first and the original. The only mascara I used for a decade. I have a soft spot for this one. It gives a very natural effect, subtly adds length, fullness, and definition while still looking very natural. It also transfers to my lower lid.

I use this product when I am going for a ‘no makeup’ look.

Coloured mascaras, Nyx&Rimmel pictured

These vary in quality depending on the colour and the brand. I haven’t found any coloured mascara that is as opaque as I would like. Considering what’s available I would recommend trying coloured mascara, even just one in your makeup kit can be really fun and is an easy way change up your look with a colour pop onlashes or and brows.

I use these products once a week, sometimes more.

Brands I have tried that didn’t make the cut; MAC, Estée Lauder, Clinique, Yves Saint Laurent, and Rimmel.

Makeup Remover Review


I’ve been looking for a good eye makeup remover for as long as I’ve been wearing makeup… and it’s been a frustratingly long journey with more than a few allergic reactions and a chemical burn or two along the way.

Thought we’d go through the a quick run down of what I’ve been trying, I’ve listed them below in order in which I tried them… which also turns out to be exactly how I would rate them.

  1. Estée Lauder Take it Away: I hate this product. Hate may sound like a strong word to use against a beauty product but I genuinely HATE this product. It’s at the high end of what I’ve been trying. Costing £23.50 per 200ml bottle (£11.75 per 100ml) and from a reputable brand. I had high expectations and it turned out to be the most disappointing of all the products I tried. It is so heavily scented I couldn’t bare to use it for more than a few days, it actually made me break out really badly. I hate scented products. Beyond the overpowering smell the product just didn’t work. To remove any amount of makeup you had to use HUGE amounts of product, and SCRUB. Eyeliner barely moved and waterproof mascara proved too tough. The only thing this took away was my patience.
  2. Boots Essential Eye Makeup Remover: after having been so let down by the high end product(and trying to recoup my wasted money) I went to the bargain brand. Boots own brand eyemakeup remover. It was also shit. The only difference between this and the high end product is the fragrance. It is shit. Do not buy this. It may only cost £1.50 for a 150ml bottle(£1.00 per 100ml), literally less than 10% the cost of the high end brand it performed just as well… which well… wasn’t well at all.
  3. Simple Kind Eye Makeup Remover: having tried to creams I decided to move onto a liquid eye makeup remover, and having learned my lesson about BUYING FULL SIZE PRODUCTS to try, I picked up a TRAVEL SIZE version of this one. A regular size 125ml bottle of this will cost you £4.94(£2.63 per 100ml). It performed better than the other but not by much. I was still left scrubbing my face and waterproof mascara once again proved impossible to budge.
  4. Bioderma Micellar Water: this product I picked up a week ago after seeing a make-up artist who I really admire (follow their insta it’s sick)recommend it in their instagram story. Now tbh up until this point I hadn’t really done any research, or taken recommendations. I was just picking up a products and deciding yeah this one, I’ll try this one. DON’T DO THAT. I am usually one to do A LOT of research, don’t know why I didn’t this time, I was being fucking dumb. This one is a winner. I’ve only been using it a couple days and it removed EVERYTHING. Without having to use much product I am able to completely remove all my makeup, waterproof mascara and all. It doesn’t have an overpowering smell, and at £10.50 for 250ml(£4.20 per 100ml) it’s reasonably priced.

So what have we learned from this?

  1. I  should invest in some blu-tac so when photographing round bottles of liquid I don’t struggle so much to get a decent composition.
  2. Do your research. Look for reviews, ask around. A product may come highly recommended but maybe you’ll hate how it smells or feels, ask questions.
  3. Don’t fucking buy full sized products until you’ve tested a product!
  4. I really fucking hate scented products.
  5. Just because it’s FUCKING EXPENSIVE doesn’t mean it’s going to work… that should be obvious and I should know that already… but honestly I got caught by the LUXURY. Fuck me right?

So yeah, I think I have finally found a product I really like that works for me.

DISCLAIMER: I’ve linked to the BOOTS website, but don’t buy shit from them. They support the conservatives w/ huge donations so fuck them, it was just an easy point of reference because it had all the products I mentioned.