Tokyo; 3

Tokyo Park Hyatt

Meiji Jingu // Meiji Shrine

Cat Cafe Mocha


Cat Cafe Temari no Ouchi

Katsu Curry, Harijuku




Got some film processed!




img_7803    img_7797    img_7801


I had the negatives scanned to a disc… but I don’t have a disc drive… or a scanner… so window and magnifying viewer it is lol. Really can’t wait to see these; photos from around London, Laura’s hen party, and wedding in Milan, our annniversary holiday in Rome, photo shoots in the woods with the super talented Miranda Chisolm, and the amazing femme mini-meet-up in Shoreditch put on by h00kerproblemz and Alicia Amira.

Cakes by Cat not for cats.

I’ve been working w/super sweet baker Cat of Cat Food Cakes; Cakes by Cat not for cats.

Shooting her cakes is such a treat!

You can visit Cat at the bakery on SATURDAYS ONLY; between 11-4(or until they sell out) you can visit and get cake by the slice or any of the other treats on offer. Through the week she’s busy baking Vegan, Dairy Free, Gluten free, and Rainbow cakes for the masses.

You can book me by emailing

You can also visit my website.