I’ve got into Korean Beauty products just over a year ago. It started innocently enough with a few Elizavecca products. I got their Gold CF-Nest White Bomb Eye CreamMilky Piggy Aqua Rising Steam Filler Moisture Cream, and Hell Pore Clean Up AHA Fruit Toner.

I didn’t like the toner at all, it left my face feeling filmy and smelled too strongly. Both creams though I did really like. When I finished the moisturiser the only reason I didn’t repurchase it was summer was coming it and while my skin loved the heavy formula in winter I wanted something lighter for spring and summer.

Since then I’ve jumped head first into Korean beauty products! Cleansers, masks, sprays, creams, and make up.

Novelty for me plays a big role in what I chose to buy. Don’t get me wrong a product has to work well for me to use it, but why can’t it be FUN to use and FUN to LOOK AT?!

Now these products are Korean, so they’re from KOREA. I got about a third of these products this summer while I was travelling in Korea and Japan, so I should not they’re not the easiest things to find… unless you know where to look. Tkmaxx; they don’t consistently stock any specific brands or products so between regularly checking their website and visiting a handful of brick and mortar shops I’ve bought(and been gifted) about a third of what’s shown here(not shown half dozen sheet masks over the past year).

Let’s start where I did…

Cleansers and Creams

The Skin Food Black Sugar Scrub is a little drying but I still really like it. The Mefactory Cement peel off mask is the best peeling mask I’ve ever used(much better than the other peeling mask shown here) and that Baking Powder face wash is my daily jams and the Gold CF Nest Collagen mask gave me an allergic reaction(I thought the ‘gold’ part was figurative not literal).



Now I can’t say I love or use all of these products regularly… that rainbow highlighter isn’t exactly wearable. The Panda’s Dream mascara is my new favorite mascara, I love the Pocket Bunny Sleek Mist, and the Etude House Darling Lip Tint all get used pretty regularly. The Models Own products I just picked up a couple days ago; loving the blusher but I’m just not convinced by the matte lip stain.


Not shown are the masks I’ve used; Tony Moly masks from the I’m Real and Pokemon Collections, Holika Holika – Pig Clear Black Head 3-Step Kit.

All in all I’m pretty smitten with what South Korea has on offer when it comes to beauty. There are still loads of products on my wishlist like Holika Holika – Lazy & Joy Cupcake Eye Shadow (Gudetama Edition), Creer Beaute – Sailor Moon Miracle Romance Spiral Heart Moon Rod Liquid Eyeliner. I will steadily be adding to my K-llection and will keep you posted as it grows.