Went through my personal library and pulled a few ‘feminist’ books and books made into films for props.

Have you got a ‘feminist’ MUST READ list?

When you don’t want to leave the house but you have to leave the house; a look.

Amsterdam: a photo essay.

I shot a whole roll, the first day I was there… then realised I was so stoned I hadn’t actually put a roll of film in the camera. RIP all those photos that never were.


Model shots in the park.

A few months ago I shot with Miranda Chisolm and it was pretty magical.

Shot and styled by me.


Riding the (Great)Wave,

The outfit I should have worn to Hokusai The Great Wave…

Last week I was lucky enough to catch up with Afroglory;

We met at the British Museum and decided to take in Hokusai, The Great Wave. I’m a member so we got to jump the MASSIVE queue. If you know me you know I seriously hate queuing. We arrived to a sign on the door saying the show was totally sold out… but I’m a member so they let us in.


It was absolutely RAMMED with people. I have had this happen a few times at a few galleries in the past few years. Mostly with the really popular shows(Freud at the National Portrait Gallery is one I remember), where they sell just a few too many tickets bumping the number of people per session up. Often times to the point where the crowdedness of the space makes it uncomfortable.  Properly viewing anything is nearly impossible. This was one of these occasions.

That thing that happens when you put too many British people in a room happened; you turned into the slowest fattest snake of queue and trudged at a slugs pace by each piece. This is not my style. I have a photographic memory, so I only need to see it once, and you know what if it REALLY REALLY interests me I will spend a few minutes taking in every little detail. I respected the line for 15 minutes. In that 15 minutes we saw 4 pieces and moved 4 meters. No. After that I abandoned the line and floated in empty spaces and popped from work to work when there was a gap in the line because someone else abandoned the rule of queue by not keeping up the flow and dallying at a particular work.

That being said the show is well worth seeing. I returned again on another day and visited the exhibition under much better conditions. I was able to properly appreciate and enjoy it.

Spotted these two on our way out, I love when couples match. The Burberry is bangin’

*it should also be noted that when I leave the UK the lack of an orderly queue is the first thing I miss.

After escaping the crowd and exiting through the giftshop we decided to grab a coffee. I took this as an opportunity to visit The Camera Museum.

The Camera Museum is a secret gem in the city for anyone into cameras. The first floor is a coffee shop, and down a winding narrow stairs and into the basement you’ll find an analog mausoleum.  They’ve got everything; Soviet era toy cameras, Canons and Nikons, Polaroids, some cameras dating back nearly 100 years. Plus there’s a  Kodak Super 8’s you can play with!

Just one of over a hundred cameras on display at The Camera Museum.


We sat and had coffee, then perused the museum, and dug through a large 1£ SALE bin of cameras and camera accessories. I picked up a little automated Canon and a flash, neither have been tested yet to see if they work…

After coffee we continued our camera theme and went to do a little more camera shopping. This time specifically for a 50mm lense for Shahira since she was planning to cover AfroPunk at the weekend. You can check out one of her style posts leading up to the event here.

Had such a lovely afternoon of art and cameras and catching up with Shahira! I can’t wait for our next adventure!
Can’t wait for our next hang out!

Peaks & Firs

So despite being a fan of David Lynch I had never actually seen Twin Peaks. I have to be honest only started to scratch the surface when it comes to his filmography; I’ve seen a handful of his films like Mullholand Drive, Eraserhead, Dune, and Blue Velvet. I’ve read(actually I LISTENED to the audiobook read by him) his book on transcendental mediation, I had never seen Twin Peaks. Honestly I think it was because it wasn’t accessible and I just didn’t have the time to commit to binge watching it… until recently.
With the release of Twin Peaks: The Return it seemed like the perfect time to get into it, also because now both series were available to stream.

I finished the first series in a few days… and I THINK… I THINK… I understand. Or at least that I understand as much as can be expected when one watches something made by Lynch. That being said I am halfway through the second series and sweet zombie christ… I am so lost.

I am hoping that by the end I’ll be able to make sense of it, regardless I am enjoying the ride. Just like the original the visuals are spectacular, the foreshadowing, and little easter eggs hidden about are brilliant. I whole heartedly suggest watching both series if you’ve got the time.

One of my favourite London designers Rosita Bonita has created a collection of jewellery inspired by the series that I’m now able to appreciate all the more having finally dove head first into Twin Peaks.


I wouldn’t suggest Twin Peaks as a place to start if you’re unfamiliar with Lycnh’s works, maybe Mullholand Drive or Blue Velvet as they’ve got at least one foot firmly in reality. Twin peaks has been hard to watch it times, but I’m glad I’m finally doing it.

Jewellery available here.

So long, Seoul. Hello Daegu.


Selfie on the train from Seoul to Daegu.

The whole reason we were in Korea to attend my friend Caleigh’s wedding. After a few days in Seoul we headed off to Daegu where the wedding would be taking place. We took an early high speed train across the country.

Edible nostalgia/Food time travel

I got Dunkin’ Donuts for the journey because I hadn’t had DD in a literal decade! We had had one in Sydney,NS about 30 minutes from where I drew up but it closed sometimes around the millennium. They’re not really a thing in UK so I took the nostalgia opportunity. It was delicious. I ate three donuts in a hour and felt so sick… but it was totally worth it. I used to have a tshirt in high school that said FUNKIN’ GONUTS in the DD font and it was brilliant.

Daegu is much much smaller than Seoul. When my partner had mentioned to a colleague of theirs(who’s Korean) that we were planning a trip their reaction to the mention of a few days in Daegu was ‘Why the hell are you going to Daegu?!’. It’s not exactly cosmopolitan but we didn’t struggle to find things to do or see. Once we arrived we headed to the flat we’d rented to drop off our bags and regroup. My partner wasn’t feeling well so my friend Rachel(who was staying with us) and I headed out to explore the city and do a little shopping.

Rachel and I found a camera shop where I was able to  buy film for the wedding(sadly the roll I shot came out blank when it was processed), and several beauty stores. The highlight of our Daegu shopping adventure was visiting a Daiso which is  Japanese chain store I would compare to Poundland… so many amazing things for SO CHEAP! I bought some ‘bra-less’ stick on nipple covers because bras in 30 degree 90% humidity are fucking oppressive, and a battery powere Doraemon fan because I am weeaboo trash . Of course stopped(on more than a few occasions) for iced coffee and milk tea with boba! I love Bubble Tea so much I can’t even tell you.

More Bulgogi and some Soju were had that night for diner. Having travelled far, and jet lag finally starting to catch up with us we had an early night.


The next day was Caleigh’s wedding! Rachel and I stopped in to visit the bride to be and deliver the wedding gifts I’d brought from the UK; a LOAD of Italian and British cheeses, a painting to decorate her new home with, and pair of vintage crochet gloves and a beaded handbag just for her.

Gift wrapped fruit.

With loads to do before the big event we left Caleigh and did a little more wandering and shopping before heading back to our rented flat to get ready. The train station nearest the flat was next to a huge outdoor food market. It was like the Korean version of London’s Ridley Road(known as little lagos). The buckets of half alive fish were a bit much to deal with but the array of fruit and dried goods on offer was pretty amazing.


We almost missed the wedding, but it wouldn’t have been Caleigh’s wedding without some hilarious blip. We missed the shuttle to the venue due to construction and confusion, finally grabbed a cab that thanks to the language barrier took us to a hotel in the middle of town rather than the wedding venue. A quick scramble and with the help from the staff at the hotel who spoke english we got a second cab that got us to the wedding venue, which was half an hour out of town, just as the music started to play and the bride started to make her way down the isle!

Congratulations Caleigh!

The wedding was simple and elegant, after it finished we skipped out on the after party having to fly to Tokyo early the next day. I regret that. I didn’t get to spend nearly as much time with Caleigh as I would have liked to. I got lucky and we ended up at the airport together the next day, her entire family flying to a holiday island for some quality time together. I cried a lot, but did get all the hugs I’ll need for the next little while before we see each other again.