Had the pleasure of meeting Frilly Pops at the last MCM Comicon I attended. They make the MOST KAWAII pins, patches, and pom poms!



Sometimes you’ve got to go back to your roots. I am a nerd. Truly, madly, deeply I am. Now that I’ma little older it doesn’t always show up in my day to day wardrobe, but in days past it did. I either looked like Courtney Love in vintage dresses I’d had my mom alter a ‘little too short’ as she’d say, or I looked like Curt Cobain in oversized t-shirts, tatty jeans, and dad jumpers. This look is kind of an homage to my teenage self… this is what my teenage self would have liked to wear had they had the confidence and the budget. I even tried ‘faux freckles’ for the first time to add another layer of youthful fun to the look.

I’ve been struggling with being stylish for the past year. I’m climbing my way out of one of the longest and hardest depressive spells I can remember and it’s been a struggle. The things I really enjoy I just stopped doing, and I do enjoy clothes and styling. My ‘Outfit of the Day’ posts started way back as a way to document the daily looks I pulled, but now, here on the blog they’re more a personal log, to remind myself that I can do it and that I love it, and that sharing that joy with other people is what getting dressed is really about(for me anyway). I hope you’ve been enjoyin

I’ve jumped back in with both feet, but for a lazy Sunday afternoon of lunch with my husband and mother-in-law, a visit to the British Museum, and some errands in the west end I wanted something simple and comfortable, and what’s more comfortable than JEANS AND A TSHIRT? I gave it a little twist and voila!



ootd details:

‘Mens’ Oversized denim jacket by ASOS, ASOS

Denim skirt by ASOS, thrifted

-Godzilla 1985 Tee by OldSkull Japan, Camden Market

-Gamer Girl Clutch by Soul Katherine, TkMaxx

Black Leather Vans

Frilly socks, Topshop

-Razor Sharp Liquid Eyeliner in ‘Chaos’ (blue) by Urband Decay

-Vinyl Couture Mascara in ‘The the Trouble‘ (blue) by YSL Beauty

-Nyx Lipgloss in ‘Sugar Pie

Happy holiday weekend!

This weekend is shaping up to be the warmest may bank holiday on record so bright colours and florals were an obvious choice.

The shoes although a great style choice weren’t the most practical. They’re pretty thick and did make me quiet warm. But overall the outfit was a great success. I say that because I am vain, I felt good, I got lots of stares while shopping in Selfridges and on Bond Street and the MOST fabulous drag queen told me I looked great so there’s that.





Don’t forget you can shop my closet here.

Until I met my husband I was pretty cynical about love, so Valentines Day was more of an annual annoyance than special occasion.

I can’t lie and say I’m not a die hard romantic… because I am. I FUCKING AM! I LOVE ALL THE ROMANTIC CHEESE!! I just like to pretend I’m not, shh please don’t tell anyone.


We made plans for Valentines just to go out for a nice dinner, no gifts, I just wanted to be surprised! My husband is literally THE BEST. I’ve been pretty depressed for the past several months(thanks hormonal birth control!) and worrying my moodiness would ruin another special occasion I tried to keep it low key.

Last night at half seven a car picked me up to take me to my mystery destination; L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon. It was sweet because it was the first ‘fancy’ place we ever went for dinner after we got married, I appreciated the nostalgia.

Despite having said no gifts, he got me a present;


Pearls from Tiffany&Co. he even had the clasp replaced, silver instead of gold because of my allergies. I had mentioned a few months earlier that I needed to get the vintage pearl necklace I owned fixed. It’d been sat in a drawer for several years broken, and tbh I don’t even know if they’re real pearls. He’s so thoughtful and such a good listener.

It wasn’t a TOTAL surprise because I had, completely by accident, discovered the receipt from Tiffany&Co. while cleaning a few days before. It didn’t say WHAT had been bought, so exactly what I was getting was still a mystery!

The day before Valentines I had rushed into the West End to find SOMETHING so as not to arrive empty handed. It wouldn’t quiet measure up to ANYTHING from Tiffany’s but I wanted to get him something! I had already cheated slightly and ordered PERFECT MATCH chocolate matches from Choc on Choc after I had seen them online, we have MATCHING MATCHSTICK tattoos and my inner romantic cheese fiend couldn’t resist…


…but I wanted something else. He had mentioned needing another pair of sweatpants so I braved the Nike store and picked up a pair of Jordan sweatpants. Not satisfied with either of those I played my trump card; home made gifts! I made him a Valentine. I hadn’t made him one since BEFORE we were dating. Back in 2011 when we were only just starting a friendship I made him a card where I illustrated a anthropomorphised tree holding a bouquet of flowers and a heart shaped card that read ‘Single on Valentines? It could be worse! Be glad you’re not an ENT!’ …because the Ent-wives… you know? I told you I was a nerd. You were WARNED! I was going to follow that Valentine up with an ‘adult ENT-ertainment’ joke but drying a stripper Ent-wife pole dancing was way too complicated. After several failed attempts I went back to the drawing board and came up with this;


… on theme.

Dinner was lovely, I drank too much wine and woke up with a hangover.

I hope you all had a lovely Valentines, Palentines, or Galentines. However you celebrate, or even if you don’t I hope you felt loved yesterday. Just incase you didn’t here’s a kiss from me from last night;



XOXO Gwendolyn

MCM Comicon, London October 2017

If you asked me ‘What is your favorite thing about MCM?’ I would have to simply answer the JOY of it. I don’t even mean the joy I feel first hand, it’s the second hand joy. You can see it on people faces, you can feel it in the air, and see it in the detail of every cosplay.

The cosplayers are what draws me every single time, I go to people watch. What I notice at MCM, the reason I truly love this con, is the diversity of the people who attend(and cosplay). There are cosplayers of every size and shape, every colour(and not just painted that way), and of every age and ability.

The venue is accessible, or appears to be so from the surface(as an able bodied person I may well have missed issues), and I have seen many attendees with varying mobility in attendance.

I think this joy comes from a feeling of safety and inclusion that is so rare for so many of us. For whatever reason we feel outcast, MCM is one of those rare and wonderful places where everyone can feel like they belong. I have never had many friends, and at MCM I feel like you’re surrounded by a thousand friends, people just like me. I usually get very anxious is crowds, but this is a strange exception to that rule.


While my experiences at MCM events haven’t been without issue they’ve been mostly positive. It’s been called ‘the most girl friendly con’ by Rose Water Magazine and I’m going to have to agree. I only ran into an issue when it came to other members of the press, all men. Last time I attended MCM I cosplayed as CABARET-TLEJUICE and was stopped several times by male members of the press and questioned about my credentials, and several times heard ‘…but are you REALLY working?’ to which I responded ‘I’ve already done more work than you, you didn’t even bother to cosplay!’.

Aside from a few sexist remarks from other members of the press, and that time Hello Kitty pitched a teepee, I’ve had nothing but good times at MCM.

I had planned this weekend to bounce between two cosplays; one ‘slutty’ on not and gauge the difference in how I was treated. My costumes were ‘Millennial Daria Morgandorffer’, and a gender-bent Jack Skellington I was calling ‘Jack-O-Leen the Skeleton Queen’, sadly I came down with a cold this week and was only able to attend on Friday in my Daria cosplay, so my social experiment didn’t happen… I’ll be saving it for the NEXT con and will be sure to blog all about it.