Don’t BRUSH me off…


Can’t wait to start using these Revolution Pro brushes! They’re so SOFT!



diorhaul.jpgPicked up a handful of Dior products while I was in Paris a few weeks ago. I’m a little obsessed with the liners, they’re great, but the mascara has fallen a little short of my expectations.

I’m loving how high end brands are finally keeping up with makeup trends rather than sticking strictly to classics.

The liners are smooth, highly pigmented, and have great staying power. The mascara however goes on this and clumps. It took a fair bit of brushing out with a clean spoolie to get a look I was happy with. Tarantula lashes aren’t for me. The colour payout is good though, so I won’t rate it too poorly.

Diorshow On Stage Liner 8/10

Diorshow Pump’N’Volume Mascara 7/10


Makeup Remover Review


I’ve been looking for a good eye makeup remover for as long as I’ve been wearing makeup… and it’s been a frustratingly long journey with more than a few allergic reactions and a chemical burn or two along the way.

Thought we’d go through the a quick run down of what I’ve been trying, I’ve listed them below in order in which I tried them… which also turns out to be exactly how I would rate them.

  1. Estée Lauder Take it Away: I hate this product. Hate may sound like a strong word to use against a beauty product but I genuinely HATE this product. It’s at the high end of what I’ve been trying. Costing £23.50 per 200ml bottle (£11.75 per 100ml) and from a reputable brand. I had high expectations and it turned out to be the most disappointing of all the products I tried. It is so heavily scented I couldn’t bare to use it for more than a few days, it actually made me break out really badly. I hate scented products. Beyond the overpowering smell the product just didn’t work. To remove any amount of makeup you had to use HUGE amounts of product, and SCRUB. Eyeliner barely moved and waterproof mascara proved too tough. The only thing this took away was my patience.
  2. Boots Essential Eye Makeup Remover: after having been so let down by the high end product(and trying to recoup my wasted money) I went to the bargain brand. Boots own brand eyemakeup remover. It was also shit. The only difference between this and the high end product is the fragrance. It is shit. Do not buy this. It may only cost £1.50 for a 150ml bottle(£1.00 per 100ml), literally less than 10% the cost of the high end brand it performed just as well… which well… wasn’t well at all.
  3. Simple Kind Eye Makeup Remover: having tried to creams I decided to move onto a liquid eye makeup remover, and having learned my lesson about BUYING FULL SIZE PRODUCTS to try, I picked up a TRAVEL SIZE version of this one. A regular size 125ml bottle of this will cost you £4.94(£2.63 per 100ml). It performed better than the other but not by much. I was still left scrubbing my face and waterproof mascara once again proved impossible to budge.
  4. Bioderma Micellar Water: this product I picked up a week ago after seeing a make-up artist who I really admire (follow their insta it’s sick)recommend it in their instagram story. Now tbh up until this point I hadn’t really done any research, or taken recommendations. I was just picking up a products and deciding yeah this one, I’ll try this one. DON’T DO THAT. I am usually one to do A LOT of research, don’t know why I didn’t this time, I was being fucking dumb. This one is a winner. I’ve only been using it a couple days and it removed EVERYTHING. Without having to use much product I am able to completely remove all my makeup, waterproof mascara and all. It doesn’t have an overpowering smell, and at £10.50 for 250ml(£4.20 per 100ml) it’s reasonably priced.

So what have we learned from this?

  1. I  should invest in some blu-tac so when photographing round bottles of liquid I don’t struggle so much to get a decent composition.
  2. Do your research. Look for reviews, ask around. A product may come highly recommended but maybe you’ll hate how it smells or feels, ask questions.
  3. Don’t fucking buy full sized products until you’ve tested a product!
  4. I really fucking hate scented products.
  5. Just because it’s FUCKING EXPENSIVE doesn’t mean it’s going to work… that should be obvious and I should know that already… but honestly I got caught by the LUXURY. Fuck me right?

So yeah, I think I have finally found a product I really like that works for me.

DISCLAIMER: I’ve linked to the BOOTS website, but don’t buy shit from them. They support the conservatives w/ huge donations so fuck them, it was just an easy point of reference because it had all the products I mentioned.