Sometimes you’ve got to go back to your roots. I am a nerd. Truly, madly, deeply I am. Now that I’ma little older it doesn’t always show up in my day to day wardrobe, but in days past it did. I either looked like Courtney Love in vintage dresses I’d had my mom alter a ‘little too short’ as she’d say, or I looked like Curt Cobain in oversized t-shirts, tatty jeans, and dad jumpers. This look is kind of an homage to my teenage self… this is what my teenage self would have liked to wear had they had the confidence and the budget. I even tried ‘faux freckles’ for the first time to add another layer of youthful fun to the look.

I’ve been struggling with being stylish for the past year. I’m climbing my way out of one of the longest and hardest depressive spells I can remember and it’s been a struggle. The things I really enjoy I just stopped doing, and I do enjoy clothes and styling. My ‘Outfit of the Day’ posts started way back as a way to document the daily looks I pulled, but now, here on the blog they’re more a personal log, to remind myself that I can do it and that I love it, and that sharing that joy with other people is what getting dressed is really about(for me anyway). I hope you’ve been enjoyin

I’ve jumped back in with both feet, but for a lazy Sunday afternoon of lunch with my husband and mother-in-law, a visit to the British Museum, and some errands in the west end I wanted something simple and comfortable, and what’s more comfortable than JEANS AND A TSHIRT? I gave it a little twist and voila!



ootd details:

‘Mens’ Oversized denim jacket by ASOS, ASOS

Denim skirt by ASOS, thrifted

-Godzilla 1985 Tee by OldSkull Japan, Camden Market

-Gamer Girl Clutch by Soul Katherine, TkMaxx

Black Leather Vans

Frilly socks, Topshop

-Razor Sharp Liquid Eyeliner in ‘Chaos’ (blue) by Urband Decay

-Vinyl Couture Mascara in ‘The the Trouble‘ (blue) by YSL Beauty

-Nyx Lipgloss in ‘Sugar Pie

Little Rosie the Riveter vibe today! Headed to Portobello Road to visit What Katie Did and do a little vintage shopping.


outfit details;

  • Liz Claiborne denim jumpsuit, thrifted
  • red leather belt, thrifted
  • vintage black and white printed scarf
  • SKINNYDIP clutch
  • Vans
  • frilly socks
  • MAC lipstick in ‘Lady Danger’
  • NYX Butter Lipgloss in ‘Cherry Pie’

I always feel more comfortable in the more strange poses when it comes to outfit pictures.

Wearing vintage J. Crew light wash denim dress, thrifted red leather belt, and Nike Jordans.

Photos by Afro Glory.

So I’m trying to up my blog game, trying to get myself to make more of an effort again when it comes to my personal style, and trying to train my partner as an instagram-husband… it’s been slow going on all counts.

As you can see I am also not great at posing.

So outfit break down;

  • denim jacket, ASOS Menswear
  • handwarmsers, ASOS
  • Calvin Klein t shirt, thrifted
  • lip gloss, NYX
  • pearls, Tiffany&Co
  • handbag, vintage Beyond Retro
  • jewel print skirt, vintage
  • leggings&socks, high street
  • Leather Vans, high street

Can you tell it’s fashion week in London? I buy maybe 10% of my wardrobe new, that’s including underpants, and socks. The majority of my wardrobe is thrifted, then vintage. I do my best to not by new for a few reasons;

  • The idea of wearing the SAME thing as someone else totally mortifies me… I’m sure it has something to do with being one of nine children and desperately wanting to stand out and be noticed.
  • New clothes, especially fast fashion, is terrible for a few reasons; environmental damage and slave labour to name a few.
  • But mostly the reason I buy second hand is really the High Street doesn’t have much that appeals to me. I grew up in hand me downs so there’s something that doesn’t quiet feel right when I’m in new clothes. I like that my clothes have been somewhere and lived another life before they were mine. I like the challenge of sifting through rails and rails and odds and bobs and the THRILL when you find something special.


Alright first outfit post down. Hope you like it, even if it’s a bit shit. Hoping they’ll get better.


Burger Day 2017

Sister and I headed into Covent Garden and grabbed a FIVE GUYS. It was her firsts! I am so proud.

Later Five Guys hit me up on twitter;

I have no chill.

Riding the (Great)Wave,

The outfit I should have worn to Hokusai The Great Wave…

Last week I was lucky enough to catch up with Afroglory;

We met at the British Museum and decided to take in Hokusai, The Great Wave. I’m a member so we got to jump the MASSIVE queue. If you know me you know I seriously hate queuing. We arrived to a sign on the door saying the show was totally sold out… but I’m a member so they let us in.


It was absolutely RAMMED with people. I have had this happen a few times at a few galleries in the past few years. Mostly with the really popular shows(Freud at the National Portrait Gallery is one I remember), where they sell just a few too many tickets bumping the number of people per session up. Often times to the point where the crowdedness of the space makes it uncomfortable.  Properly viewing anything is nearly impossible. This was one of these occasions.

That thing that happens when you put too many British people in a room happened; you turned into the slowest fattest snake of queue and trudged at a slugs pace by each piece. This is not my style. I have a photographic memory, so I only need to see it once, and you know what if it REALLY REALLY interests me I will spend a few minutes taking in every little detail. I respected the line for 15 minutes. In that 15 minutes we saw 4 pieces and moved 4 meters. No. After that I abandoned the line and floated in empty spaces and popped from work to work when there was a gap in the line because someone else abandoned the rule of queue by not keeping up the flow and dallying at a particular work.

That being said the show is well worth seeing. I returned again on another day and visited the exhibition under much better conditions. I was able to properly appreciate and enjoy it.

Spotted these two on our way out, I love when couples match. The Burberry is bangin’

*it should also be noted that when I leave the UK the lack of an orderly queue is the first thing I miss.

After escaping the crowd and exiting through the giftshop we decided to grab a coffee. I took this as an opportunity to visit The Camera Museum.

The Camera Museum is a secret gem in the city for anyone into cameras. The first floor is a coffee shop, and down a winding narrow stairs and into the basement you’ll find an analog mausoleum.  They’ve got everything; Soviet era toy cameras, Canons and Nikons, Polaroids, some cameras dating back nearly 100 years. Plus there’s a  Kodak Super 8’s you can play with!

Just one of over a hundred cameras on display at The Camera Museum.


We sat and had coffee, then perused the museum, and dug through a large 1£ SALE bin of cameras and camera accessories. I picked up a little automated Canon and a flash, neither have been tested yet to see if they work…

After coffee we continued our camera theme and went to do a little more camera shopping. This time specifically for a 50mm lense for Shahira since she was planning to cover AfroPunk at the weekend. You can check out one of her style posts leading up to the event here.

Had such a lovely afternoon of art and cameras and catching up with Shahira! I can’t wait for our next adventure!
Can’t wait for our next hang out!